Advantage Groupe LLC

Income Based Advising

 For most professionals graduating with debt, cash flow restraints represents the biggest challenge.  In today's job market many professionals find themselves earning less money than they anticipated and struggle to make their minimum loan payments.  Take for example a graduate earning a starting salary of $70,000 a year with $150,000 in federal student loans.  This person would be faced with monthly student loan payments that represent more than 36% of their gross income and nearly 50% of their post tax pay.  It quickly becomes clear that there is a big problem.  The Advantage Group LLC is dedicated to helping those burdened by student debt become aware of their repayment options.  Utilizing government programs young professionals can put together a repayment plan that fits their budget, forgives their debt and protects their family.  An Advantage Group personalized repayment report will help those considering enrolling in government programs have a clear picture of the programs personal effect on each participant.